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It's been 3+ years since I started my KZ streetfighter project.. a few moves and the lack of a work space has slowed things down a bit... but now I have a garage, time and mostly some funds to work on it..

I'm upgrading the front end to a nice set of '96 zx7-rr inverted forks. I started out buy trying to put the old kz stem into the new zx bottom yoke by removing the kz stem from the yoke.. but the more I looked at it, the more I didn't like the way it needed to be done so I designed my own stem.

From the bottom bearing to the top lock nut is '76 kz below the bearing and above the lock nut matches the zx. I kept the nice kz chrome bolt and washer to give the top yoke a nice finish.. a bit of the old with the new...

I had it turned from 4130 CroMo.

The assembly went together just as designed/planned, the zx fork stops match up with the kz steering lock stops as well.. they might need to be trimmed but so far they seem to be in the right spot.

I'm also designing a new top yoke with risers for 7/8" bars... I'm hoping to have them done by the end of the year.... next up after that will be to finish fitting the 916 swing arm.

FYI, If anyone is looking to do this mod.. with any type of forks, let me know.. I can make a few dimension changes and you'll be in business...


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