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ok this all started as me trying to figure out if some sellers online was a private seller or a bike shop. Now i used to work for a stock firm and did some cold calling, long story short we used a site called anywho.com to find addresses from phone numbers, any listed number can be used to find a map and address, and the registered user. ok so thats cool enough. So i started joking with my sister that i should just show up at the dudes place and be like "can i see the bike, i saw your house online?". then i started thinking back a year or so ago about satalite imaging. i know big companies use satalites to see new developing sites and i joked that i could spend 20 bucks and have a picture of his house too. so as im typing this to my sister i decide to look it up, i mean hey its only 2 in the morning what else am i goin to do. so i find a company called LandVoyage. you can do a sample search by street. so what the hell, i put in his address and boom, there was a freaking pic of the dudes house and his entire street. this got me so geeked up i decide to post here, the reverse lookup stuff is actually good information to know, the rest is just fun.

ok my luck the dudes bike is gonna get sold because of me posting this but whatever

here is the selling ad

here is the reverse lookup

here is the map of his house zoomed in just perfect to compare with the satalite image
URL map

ok here it is landvoyage free sample search by adress

his house i belive is right under the star and the V, compare it too the anywho map and you can see.

ok maybe all you dont get excited by this, but i think its way cool. i love this internet stuff, and yes im a dork. a big metal head head banging dork[/url]
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