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first kawasaki

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Hi picking up my first big bike on thursday

a ZX-6R G2 1999

cant wait to pick it up!!!!

Im from leicester in england so hoping the weather holds :D
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welcome :wink: very nice bike !!

ride safe!
Cool bike! welcome
Sweet bike, good luck on sleeping the neft couple nights....lol :lol:

Seeing we don't have that bike give us some data,,,something...she does look nice! Welcome to the FORUM!
those things have like 96 HP. I've heard they can keep up with a ducati 749 on the twisties. Anyway, nice bike, have fun :)
i like the way the muffler matches the paint job and just isnt metal or carbom fiber. the ninja emblem could be scaled down a little bit though, but thats it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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