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First Ride - Bloody Ripper

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G'Day Girls and Boys,
The day has finally come. I picked up my new Nomad 2000 at lunchtime (it's now 6pm in Sydney). It looked resplendent in Purple Prism on the showroom floor with the engine bars, passenger footboards, windscreen. etc (sissy bar to come). Had to shove potential buyers out of the way to get it out the door. It's about 40km home and every minute was a revelation. I'd forgotten just how great the feeling was after 20 years out of the saddle, and this bike really does it for me. One embarrassing moment however, was when I discovered there was only a quater tank of fuel and pulled into a gas station. To the amusement of onlookers, I then had to pull my owners manual out to make sure I filled the bloody thing up properly ! I am already far more comfortable with its bulk at low speeds, and really looking forward to heading out over the weekend. Many thanks, guys. Your input to the selection process, suggestions and resolutions to my ongoing issues really made what could have been a stressful time into an enjoyable one....
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You call that embarrassing?.. lol..
Imagine taking your brand new 800 out for the first time and running out of gas at a busy intersection while waiting on a red light. And then pushing the bike onto the sidewalk and waiting for the "Walk" sign to change so you can push that brand new shiney ride across the road to the gas station. Now that's embarrassing!...lol.. I've never been so happy to be wearing a full-face helmet in my life... :D

To make myself feel better, I blamed it on the fact that the dealer had left the petcock on reserve.

ride safe..
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