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Fitting digital clock on a motorcycle...

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Ok so I want to fit a digital clock on a 98 virago 250... Unlike my kawi the virago does not have a clock and so I want to put one in.

It has to be digital as well as weather proof... any suggestion on where to get one or how to connect it? ect. ect.

Thanks in advanced...

I know I have seen it done I just have no clue of where to start!
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thanks this helps, however I was hoping that there where people here who had done it and that they would recommend some specific ones.

thanks your your time!
Dude that was quick! Glad to hear your back in the saddle so soon!
Oh lol that is for the g/fs bike! lol

If I had a choice I would go with another zzr 600 though! I just cannot complain about the bike at all.

My main concern with this clock is that it cannot be too expensive cause I don't want it stolen, and I want it to be complretely weather proof, so car clocks are out of the question since they are designed for the inside environment of a car, which (usually) does not get rained on and stuff.
Ah but at least you have access to SOMETHING to mob around on until you get your next sporty!
Oh something is definately going to be ridden!:mrgreen:

the thing is I can't figure out the exact reason why I fell, so I feel very apprehensive when it comes to the thought of borrowing some one else's bike!

I have ridden a motorcycle since, (I had to work yesterday) but I still don't feel confortable borrowing and riding someone else's bike if you know what I mean..
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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