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Fixing cracked plastics

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I'm pulling out my winter project, as theres not much use for my bike on the ice and snow, and I need to find a way to fix a couple cracked spots on my bikes fairings.

Sorry for the lower picture quality.. It's with the camera phone and a flashlight in a very dim garage.

Is there some kind of putty that I can put over the crack, after putting epoxy or something on the inside, and sand down a bit or...????
I know someone out there has to know something about this, lol.
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Should I try and epoxy the crack first and then put some plastiweld over it.. sand it down and (the repaint is coming soon anyway) repaint it?

Thing is the crack is right on the end of piece, and when it's installed it flexes a small amount, thats the only reason I'm trying to figure out if I should epoxy it or not.
Thanks for the tip... As far as paint goes, I could give two hoots less, lol... I'm eventually going to repaint the whole thing.
Here is a better picture of the crack.

So far what I'm gathering is I have a couple options...

- Use some kind of expoy to fix the crack, then put a filler in/over the crack and sand it down
- Use a bit of spare ABS, weld it onto the back / inside of the fairing, then use a filler in/over the crack, sand it
- Tryout plastiweld (basically like an expoy, am I right?), use filler in/over the crack, sand it down

Each way sounds the same basically, I'm fixing the crack from being able to rupture any further, and then filling it.

Does anyone recommend drilling a small hole at the end of the crack to prevent it from breaking any further, then filling in that hole with a filler as well? Or should I not worry about that too much?

It all sounds easy, lol, but I guess I'll see how easy it truly is within a few days
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Tienes que poner malla y quemar con el cautin plastico del mismo tipo ensima moldeandolo usa tus dedos eso lo dejará como nuevo.

(i wish i could explain it in English =/ but Thats the way to fix it.)
Ran it through google tools...
You have to put mesh and burn with cautin plastic similar ensima moldeandolo use your fingers so it off as new

This is what I've done so far.

- Cleaned the entire crack and surface with alcohol then some soapy water.
- Took some Surehold Plastic Surgery super glue (says it bites into plastics to form a better bond) and used that on the crack itself.
- Used DevCon expoy rated for metals and plastics (called DevCon Plastic Welder supposedly rated up to 5000 psi) along the back of the crack Picture
- Purchased some Bondo Body Filler (red can), tried to decipher the instructions (girlfriend had to help, lol) and put a bit of that on it.

This is where I'm at before sanding... Does it look and or sound correct so far?
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ha ha ha haaaaa

Laid down enough cardboard and plastic... she was cool with it.
She hated the smell though.. :-o
Well... Heres the after picture.
Gimmie some critique...
I couldn't wait any longer, I just wanted to have at it with the sanding, lol

You can clearly see where the turn signal is suppose to be.
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got'cha... I saw the mesh you are talking about as I picked up the bondo, I'll go get some.

Thanks for all the help guys!
I have the fine sand paper, I'm just a bit lazy right now to go over and it and finish it off because I'll be repainting the entire bike soon, so everything gets to be sanded down soon.
Looks good. Glad you're progressing so well. Bike parts are meant to be in the house. Actually whole bikes are better!
If the girlfriend didn't live with me, the bike would be parked right next to my desk on plastic tarps for the winter so I could work on it.. lol
I was not doing that, and didn't know about the fingers following low spots and the like, but thank you... I will from here out.
Thanks man for the advice
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