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Fixing cracked plastics

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I'm pulling out my winter project, as theres not much use for my bike on the ice and snow, and I need to find a way to fix a couple cracked spots on my bikes fairings.

Sorry for the lower picture quality.. It's with the camera phone and a flashlight in a very dim garage.

Is there some kind of putty that I can put over the crack, after putting epoxy or something on the inside, and sand down a bit or...????
I know someone out there has to know something about this, lol.
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Had this same issue. You can find Plastic epoxy at home depot or advance auto parts, Use it on the back of the piece then you can sand the front and paint it. You couldn't tell as long as you are using actual paint, not rattle cans.

If you need a paint match I suggest color rite. Color Rite Distributing Co.

It matched my 2001 ZX-12R perfectly when I needed it.

EDIT - Mine cracked right at the top of the nose fairing where the mirrors and fairing out to the front "antler" bracket. That area has a lot of stress and after using the epoxy it never showed signs of weekness and I wheelied that bike all the time.
Thanks for the tip... As far as paint goes, I could give two hoots less, lol... I'm eventually going to repaint the whole thing.
Right but if you are going to paint it with rattle cans you may still see the crack untill you paint it properly. Thats all I was getting at. You can even fill the crack once the inital curing takes place just to fill the front and sand it smooth for cosmetic reasons.
This is what I used. You can get it at Adavnce Auto parts (or similar) or home depot. This stuff dryis clear and hold better than my 2-Ton model aircraft epoxy.

WARNING: Mix it on a piece of cardboard or somthing. and once you put it on the fairing make sure it doesn't move, this stuff really is permanate.


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No do not drill a hole. You don't know if there is any further issues within the make up and you could make it worse or possibly cause the cracked piece to break totally off. Just epoxy it form the back side and use filler on the front for cosmetic issues.
and to make a better finish next time get extra fine sand paper and put it in water befor to make the "cleaning of the plastics" .

AKA Wet Sanding :D
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