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Fixing cracked plastics

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I'm pulling out my winter project, as theres not much use for my bike on the ice and snow, and I need to find a way to fix a couple cracked spots on my bikes fairings.

Sorry for the lower picture quality.. It's with the camera phone and a flashlight in a very dim garage.

Is there some kind of putty that I can put over the crack, after putting epoxy or something on the inside, and sand down a bit or...????
I know someone out there has to know something about this, lol.
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Wish I could help more. They have a contraption that actually welds plastic. It can be found at Harbor Freight. We have one, but he's never used it yet. Hopefully someone else will come along here and help.
Looks good. Glad you're progressing so well. Bike parts are meant to be in the house. Actually whole bikes are better!
We had both bikes in the house last winter. I'm tempted to take off my wheels and drag them in the house so I can repaint them. Paint doesn't stick very well at 30 degrees!
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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