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I liked the Phat II risers when I first installed them as they allowed me to sit back and still reach the bars with a relaxed arm position. However, I always felt like they decreased the feel of the steering and maybe made the slow speed steering heavier. Friends who have road my V2K mention this as the only thing they did not love about it. Also, They seemed a little high for me. I am 6'1" and very average build. When doing tight circles at full lock, one grip would be in my gut while the other was as far away as I could reach. That meant it has a little too much pull back. With the near grip in my gut, I could not lean forward or move in the seat at all to reach the other grip very well. I'm not saying I could not do it, I just mean it is a little too much to be perfectly comfortable and could be better.
So, I was hoping the Flanders G6 bars would be the answer. A little less pull back, a little less rise overall. I finally got a chance to install them and take a short 60mile ride. Here is what I find... for me... MY2CT.

The Flanders G6 weighs what seems like half that of the Kaw bar. I really could not believe the difference. I didn't realize where that would manifest it's self until I tried hard braking and the bars flexed. I can flex the bar with little effort. I don't know if this will ever matter but they are not nearly as stiff and heavy as the Kaw bars. That's my only complaint about the G6.
As for comfort, I like the position of the grips...so far. Not as high as the Phat IIs but 1-1/2" higher then stock. Not as much pull back as the Phat IIs but 2" more then stock. They seem just right... so far.
Handling is much better then with the Phat IIs. FOR ME...MY OPINION. Steering at speed is very, very much lighter. I tried some twisties and found that where I was having to press the bars HARD to get full lean, now is almost effortless. I don't understand the geometry but it's makes a difference for some unknown to me reason.
Slow speed handling is improved because I have more room when at full lock and turning from one extreme to the other does not take as much muscle.
This is my 2CT for what it's worth.
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