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turn signals

hey guys,

i wanted to get some proton flushmount signals, but they dont seem to offer any for my year ('97) 6r.

i got some other flushmounts on my bike now, but when i went shopping for them i had the same problem. we figured out that the '98 7r has the exact same turn signals/fitting so i got those instead.

i like my flushmounts now, but you cant see them from the front. i'd like them to fit in the original turn signal well without cutting/drilling into the faring, or the use of adhesives. protons were the only flushmounts i found that are like that and you could see from the front.

anyways, does anyone happen to know of anywhere i can get those for my year, or if theres another year/bike that uses turn signals that would fit in mine, or some other maker/style turn signals that are similar?
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