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60 year old with 4 months riding exp. Started on a Suzuki 800 C50, traded it in for an '08 Nomad 1600. Added OEM lightbar (a dissapointment), kuryakyn grips & throttle bosses (3 oclock position left bar, 10 oclock position right bar) and a Brakeaway throttle lock. Rode it 5000 miles roundtrip from NH to TX & back in oct. 2009. Being a new rider I was envious of the Harleys & BMWs on the way down but my Nomad was so great in all types of bad weather that I no longer have 'Harley' envy. Incredible machine that I'd recommend to anyone. Averaged 37 mpg overall, maybe 38. It's thirsty, has good brakes that stop you straight, power to merge in traffic, etc. Reliable!
Throttle boss on left kuryakyn grip makes a rest for your left palm. 10 oclock position on the active throttle boss makes for comfortable, non-cramping right hand cruising. Breakaway throttle lock, $175, allowed breaks for the right hand, wonderful. Will add more lights in back for rain & fog, a must. Re-uphostering the seat, changing to a mustang seat or adding an air-tech seat cushion is in the future. Oh, I cut the windshield 1&1/2 inches & will cut it 1 inch more to see in the rain. Lots of rain this trip and I've learned that you can't see through a rain soaked windshield. Montana trip for flyfishing next year.
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