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Asking $15 K
Model 2019, bought brand new in 2020.
Perfect riding condition; absolutely nothing wrong with the bike - I am downsizing.

You get at least 5K worth of custom parts and work:
  • Almost brand new, less than 1000 miles, front and rear tires, Metzeler ME88 Marathon
  • Custom rider and passenger seat combo from Corbin with back support/storage
  • Freedom Performance all black exhaust system. Don't confuse with slip-ons, this is true exhaust
  • Tall Clearview Shield, with adjustable ventilation/anti-buffeting slider
  • Black Ape Hanger handlebars. They add about 1 inch of extension and feel super comfortable (and look even better)
  • Did Ivan ECU flush, this improves performance, fuel efficiency and runs the bike cooler. If you don't know what this is read about it here, Ivan's Performance Products
  • Passenger floorboards
  • Marine grade USB adapter
  • Highway pegs

Will throw in original exhaust and seat (this will help to do a trade-in later)

please contact vi email [email protected]

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