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Welcome to the Kawasaki Motorcycle Forums!
To help ensure that everyone enjoys their visit there are a few basic rules that we ask you to please follow.

Respect other members
Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. You have the right to disagree with that opinion. You do not have the right to be rude, vulgar, or disrespectful in expressing your opposition. Flaming will not be tolerated!

Keep it clean
Motorcycling should be a family oriented activity. When posting please avoid using excessive vulgarity. Many people read the boards while at work or with young eyes present, please self edit your explitives. Posts with excessive language use will be edited or deleted at the descretion of the mods/admins.
Questionable Images (bloody, nude), dirty jokes, or other non "work safe" threads should be marked in the title. Pornography is stricktly prohibited!!

No Spamming
This board is new and growing. Please do not post the same question across multiple forums. The best way to get the answers you are searching for is to post a clear single question in the appropriate forum and be patient, Replies will come. If you are in a hurry for a particular answer try using the search button or reading through replies to similar questions. It may just contain the information that you need.

Have Fun!!
These forums were set up as a place for Kawasaki owners and enthusiast to come together to discuss all aspects of riding. Have fun, post often and stay active! As the board grows you'll be glad you did!
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Not open for further replies.