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Frame Sliders

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OK....Cut the fairing or don't cut the fairing. I just purcheased my '04 zx6r and my buddy a Yamie R6. He says (Heys a newbie too) that he's been told that the frame sliders where you have to cut the fairing are the best kind? Opinions/Facts??? All comments are welcome.
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The whole reason to get sliders IMHO is to NOT deface your bike. I would NEVER mess up my bike just to mount those ugly things. My 9 has places to mount them stock already. I think what your budy is saying is that you can mount them in a better place so your bike will take even less damage. No matter where you mount them if you go down on the right side your are going to mess up your pipe unless you have the sliders for your swing-arm too. I have yet to put them on my bike. I just don't know if I can stand the looks of it.
yeah, thats why I don't put the ugly things on. I would rather my plastics take a beating than the frame. Plastics can be glued, painted and replaced. Bent frames suck.
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