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Frame Sliders

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OK....Cut the fairing or don't cut the fairing. I just purcheased my '04 zx6r and my buddy a Yamie R6. He says (Heys a newbie too) that he's been told that the frame sliders where you have to cut the fairing are the best kind? Opinions/Facts??? All comments are welcome.
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Thanks a lot. Yeah....I'm battling with just putting the ones that I have on. The 6r has places that you can put them as well without cutting the fairing. I am not even trying to touch my fairings to install these things. I like that way it looks now, looks like I'll be placing these in the stock position. No cutting here! ( This was my decision all along, my friend was just beginning to freak me out a little) :wink:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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