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Freakinout or anyone who has 500R please read!

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Ok a few questions.

When reading the manual for the bike it says for break-in to keep it under 5k rpms for first 800km then under 6k rpms till 1000km.

Did you guys follow this on your bikes? If not how did you break in yours?

When letting your bikes warm up do you do as the manual says and let it warm for 2-3 min?

thx in advanced!
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Everyone is talking about getting 160 to 180 miles on a tank, I'm lost now as I just put 518 miles on my bike this weekend, my last tank I had 161 miles on it and when I filled up it only took 2.86 gal, this does not sound right with what everyone else is getting on there 500.

Well, the manual says the tank is 4.8 gal, so 2.86 gal the tank was only a little over half empty.

4.8 US Gallons is 18 L. At least that’s what the manual says. :D
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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