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Freakinout or anyone who has 500R please read!

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Ok a few questions.

When reading the manual for the bike it says for break-in to keep it under 5k rpms for first 800km then under 6k rpms till 1000km.

Did you guys follow this on your bikes? If not how did you break in yours?

When letting your bikes warm up do you do as the manual says and let it warm for 2-3 min?

thx in advanced!
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TrashMonkey said:
Like ninjagirl, I do the same thing, I start my bike and let it warm up while I get my gear on.
Me, too. I do my pre-flight checks, then sit down and start it up. While it's running I'm putting on my gear.

d0hnj0e said:
but does the 0-800km 5k rpm max really make a difference compared to the 800-1000km 6k rpms max?

I think I hit 6k rpms once for about 2 seconds.

My whole thing is I don't want to destroy my engine.
Oh, my God! You hit 6k RPM? Your engine is toast. You'd better sell that bike quick to the first bidder before it seizes.

Okay, I'm kidding. You're fine. Just relax. Don't worry so much. I think respecting Kawasaki's recommendation during break in is important, but I really doubt that a little over will do much, if any harm.

I think what will make a much bigger difference is getting good oil and changing it regularly.

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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