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Freakinout or anyone who has 500R please read!

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Ok a few questions.

When reading the manual for the bike it says for break-in to keep it under 5k rpms for first 800km then under 6k rpms till 1000km.

Did you guys follow this on your bikes? If not how did you break in yours?

When letting your bikes warm up do you do as the manual says and let it warm for 2-3 min?

thx in advanced!
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how much differance does it make letting your bike warm up before you ride?
i have a tendancy to stay in bed for too long and as such have to really burn to get to work in time, its only a 15mile ride (10mins).
On a side note i have noticed that my fuel consumption has gone up big style, eg. my tank only got me 61miles last time :/ but i think this might be due to me riding at full throttle most of the time.
yeah, i thought something was up, its booked in to have the carbs looked at on the 26th. The tank before the 61mile one only got 81 out of it, i but it down to the fact that i dropped it a few days before hand thou, i think when i dropped it (minor drop, leaning on a roundabout, got my toes down, got my pegs down, got either the centrestand or the exhaust down and the rear tyre lifted off) that something must have been knocked in the carbs as the engine flooded and i couldnt get it to start for several minutes.

Past 16kMiles a few weeks ago i think :D
yeah miles.
2.86 gals :/ this means nothing to me, i know that over here £11 (ish) fills my tank and i guess petrol to be about 81p per litre that works out at about 13.5L to a tank (total guesstimates of course), and as i said before this would normally take me about 100miles. (i ride the bike hard, full throttle most of the time)
you have to remember your reserve, then there is also the fact that you can never get the tank 100% full due to the air gap at the top.
so if you say 1gal for the reserve (i dont know how big a gallon is so... :?:) with however much for the gap and then theres also the fact if you put the bike on the centerstand you get more petrol in the tank (silly but true)
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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