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Hello all. Well I finally decided to do it. I'm gonna get the ZX-10R. I just can't decide between the black and the green. Since I'm getting the 10R I need to get rid of my '00 7R, and I don't think that the dealer is going to give me what I want out of it. I would love to keep my 7R, but I need a bigger down payment and I don't know if I would ride my 7R after getting the 10R.

I have the bike torn down right now to clean it up a bit before taking it in to the dealer to see what I would get in trade, and I don't have any decent pics right now, but I should have it all back together by Saturday. The bike is an '00 7R with 22,000 miles. I bought it used a few years ago so I don't know how well it was taken care of, but as soon as I got it I got the valve clearances done as well as carbs synced and fully serviced. I have changed the oil every 2,000 to 3,000 miles using Golden Spectro 4 full synthetic. All maintenance done on time if not a little early. I bought the bike with a full Muzzy stainless system with Stage 1 jet kit and polished frame/swingarm. I added:

- flush-mount front signals
- Graphic Arts Moto Design undertail with integrated LED signals and plate light
- K&N air liter
- PP Ergo rear sets from OPP Racing
- EBC ProLite front and rear rotors
- 520 chain conversion with Renthal front sprocket (-1) and Sprocket Specialist rear sprocket (+2) and RK XSO Gold chain
- Barnett clutch plates and springs
- Illumiglo blue/green guages with dimmer from SR Motorsports
- '03 ZX12R rear shock

The upper and lower right fairing are slightly damaged (low speed lay down from previous owner), but I have an ebayed upper I am putting on the bike and brand new lower that will be thrown in with the deal. I also have a Second Look rear-seat cover that I haven't found the time to have fitted. I have a dark smoke Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen on the way that would also be included in the deal. I also have both Haynes and Kawi shop manuals.

I will have some good pics by Saturday so if your interested let me know. I won't ship the bike because I have seen to many things happen to bike in transit and I don't want any bad blood between me and who ever is the new owner of my baby.

Email me at [email protected]

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