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Fs: 1982 Kz550 Ltd $700/obo

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Im upgrading to a bigger bike, so I decided to sell this guy. Overall for a 26 year old bike its in pretty decent shape. It has just under 20,000 miles. I have a clear title in hand. I had it for about 5 months and never had any problems with it except for a broken throttle cable. I used the bike to ride from home to school alot and always made the 200 mile trip no problem.

Comestically, the tank has a baseball size dent on the lower top left, and a few scratches here and there. Side panels look new. Most of the chrome still shines up pretty well. theres a few rust spots on handle bar chrome, along with some paint that peeled underneath the battery area. The seat looks great, has no rips or anything. The only new parts i put into it were new mirrors, grips, throttle cable, 4 pod filters, and a recent rotella synthetic oil/filter change.

Mechanically, the bike runs great. Once its warmed up the bike rides great. It revs up very smoothly and pulls pretty hard. I weigh 215 lbs and i think the bike has some decent power for a little 4 cyl. I love the way this bike shifts, its very smooth. The clutch handle seems a little stiff, but iv only rode two bikes so i dont know what there supposed to feel like. Also the bike has a 4 into 1 exhaust, sounds pretty cool without the baffle too.

The bike is ready ride home aside that it has a weak battery when its cold, until it charges up a bit after some riding. At the moment the bike doesnt need any parts, but eventually it will need a back tire, and front rotor/brakes, and some air in the forks. the forks dont leak, they just dive went you hit the front brakes. other then that the bike is good to go. if you have any questions shoot me a pm or cell 610-348-1189. im located in springfield, pa 19064, just outside west philadelphia.

PS. I wont be home from college break until dec. 18th, after that, anyone can come look at the bike or buy it then.


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anyone want to make an offer at least
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