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Fuel injection help

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I need some help.

I've got an 06 nomad 1600. It's a great bike and I love it. Recently it's begun starting hard every third or forth time I start it. Sometimes it starts fine but every couple of times it's rrrrr rrrr rrrrr rrrr rrrr pop pop rrrr rrrr rrr pop pop and then starts. Other than that it runs beautifully. The other thing is that the FI indicator and light have started to come on. They don't STAY on they just come on (usually when the bike is cold) and once I'm out on the highway they go off and for the most part stay off. However if I come OFF the highway and start tooling around town usually within a few minutes they come back on.

Normally I would just go to the dealer and pay them the $150 because although I do like to work on my bike I don't mess with stuff that's really complicated because I'm not a mechanic. Mechanically inclined does not a mechanic make and I don't want to screw up my 10k bike! Now that said this is NOT normal times. Long story short due to some financial problems I can't afford to take it to the dealer and it's currently my sole transportation.

So if someone could make some educated guesses that I could do I would appreciate it. I thought maybe some water had gotten in the gas or something so I've been using octane booster/fuel injector cleaner when I fill up. I also thought that maybe when I fill up since most gas stations now only have one hose sure I'M putting in premium but I'm also putting at least a hose full of whatever junk the last customer put in their car into my bike so maybe over time that quart per fill of low octane gas has built up?

Anyway, I'm really concerned that I may be doing damage to the bike as well...

Response's appreciated!
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You need to get into Dealer Mode 2 through the Bikes Fi system to pull out the Historic Fault Codes and see what's ailing your machine.

The Kawasaki Service Manual details how to carry out this procedure and tells you what area the fault is in from the combination of Short & Long flashes....
Ummm you got it about face, It's the Mechanic that takes wild guesses in these instances not the DFI system, But you have a PM all the same :)
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