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Hello once again my fellow Kawasaki riderZ...
I have an interesting problem that seems like it should be an easily explained solution.... My '85 ZN1100 B2 has had two fuel leaks from the same valve since I have owned it. Prior to the carburator, their is a plastic container that the air filter and intake lead into. At the bottom of this plastic rectangular box is a valve. This is where I have had something that seems to be an overflow leak from the carbs. Here in Mobile, this is actually the first time I have seen it. Last time, in birmingham, my father took off the carbs and gave them a semi-cleaning thinking the possibility of a stuck jet... not sure about that... It seems to me that would be a lot of overflow from the carbs... ALso, I am not sure if there is any other line running into this container that may be the possible cause. ANy ideas would really help me out... Running way too rich?? Float or carb problem?? Actuall fuel leak into carbs?
Thanks GuyZ!

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