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Fuel Mileage questions

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On my 1500 classic, I had filled the tank whilst on the kick stand
to within an inch or so of the top of the hole,
Ran a total of 108 miles before she quit, switche to reserve
stopped to get fuel and it took little over 3 gallons
this sound about right on a new motor?

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I recall that I was getting about 115 to 120 on my tank before needing to switch to reserve on my motor early on. Now with 4500 + miles i'm getting 130 to 135. I think it'll streach out the more it breaks in.
Ken said:
On my 1500, I normally get to 160-180 miles before the fuel light comes on. At that point, I have about 1 gallon or 40 miles left.
How big is the tank opn your FI model? I have a 4.2 gal with a 1 gal reserve. No way can I get that many miles on 3 gallons of gas
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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