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Hi all, bike is a 96 ZX-7R. I noticed when I changed the air filter uner the tank there is a place where a hose should connect to (besides the main fuel line) but there is nothing there. I looked it up and its suppose to be the overflow for the tank. Ive been riding like that all season with it off without knowing, as far as I know nothing has leaked. Today however some fuel leaked because I had the tank filled to the top and I tilted it back. I asume fuel leaked because it was full.

My question is, can I just plug this drain? I dont think I will be over filling my tank anytime so is it really needed? Also if I do order a new hose and clamp and connect it, where does this hose route to? Any info would be great.

I pluged it for now till I get a new hose (bike is in storag anyway). Just dont want anything leaking out just incase.
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