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I just bought a 1990 EN500 that has hardly been used for the last couple of years. It was running reasonably apart from a slipping clutch which I have replaced.

The bike has started running like a bag of nails. I am getting a petrol buildup in the airfilter box so much so that if i move the rubber trumpet it pours out. The airfilter is also getting soaked in petrol and I know that this wont help the running. I am thinking that i might have a sticking float valve or the float height is set too high. I have ordered a manual for the bike but that will take a few days to be delivered and I could really do with knowing what the float height is for this bike as my car is currently knackered awaiting parts from Rover.

The jets were checked when I took the carbs of last night and all appear to be ok. The diaphragms appear to be in good nick as well.

Any help guys would be appreciated.

TIA gogs

I did read the earlier post and tried what it said but no luck with it.
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