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Hi all

New here, but have been reading and getting great tips from these forums for a while now. Looking for some help/advice regarding a G4TR.

I recently put back together my old mans 73 G4TR that has been following me around for years while I collect parts etc slowly. Cleaned it up, put everything back together, new piston and rings etc the whole nine yards. Bike started second kick and idled beautifully, couldn't believe it! I could start the bike with my hand and it ran amazingly. So, take it for a ride and it was coughing, spluttering and dying then charging back to life if I kept the gas on. I knew there would be some tuning to do but wasn't expecting that. After a short ride, it stalled and wouldn't get going again, turns out the brand new spark plug died on me which seemed really random??? Thoughts on that?

New plug installed and the thing will not run at all now. Reset the timing, cleaned carb again, etc etc, everything I could think of. After quite a few kicks even with starter fluid, it may backfire slightly and a bit of smoke come from the exhaust.
I have spark, compression and fuel but no start. Can anyone think of something I could try or adjust to get her going again??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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