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What happened with that gadget page ? the only thing I am getting is Godaddy crap.
Quote from a message posted over on the VROC website: (Original poster nomad daddy [VROC #18716])

"I did get in touch with John on his Gadgets page, here is his reply:

I sold my Nomad several years ago and haven't ridden since. I thought it was time to hand the gadget site off to someone still riding and Robert Orsino, host of the Delphi Vulcan forum has agreed to take care of it. He's had the files for about a month. I don't know when he plans to post them or what the site address will be. Hopefully he'll announce that info on all the Vulcan forums in the very near future.

I was pulling the files but since plans are in place for someone to take it over - I've removed the files from my servers.. In the meanwhile please continue to use the wayback link as it'll always be there.. BTW, if ya haven't played with the archive site, fun to see beginning of some of popular web sites of today.... Smile

https://web.archive.org/web/20150208220716/http://www.gadgetjq.com/gadgetsfixitpage.htm "

Also, by accident, found that someone does have the website back up at: Vulcan Gadgets Fixit Page For Kawasaki Nomad & Classic Modification Maintenance & Repair

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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