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Gas tank question

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I know I've been blowing up the mechanics corner with questions but just one more.....what is this tube on the gas tank for?? It was just like that when I got the bike....not attached to anything. The bike runs fine, but I'm kind nervous about leaving it open like that. Anyone know what its for...what its supposed to hook up to?

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if it is for fuel vapor can it be capped?
ok cool, can I leave it as is or should I run a tube so it vents somewhere else. Does it need a filter of any sort?
hehe......will do....thanks again for all the help!
Yeah I had a feeling it was going to something like that. I know on my car the charcoal lines can be capped since the tank had alternate vents but wasn't so sure about this one. Thanks everyone for clearing this stuff up.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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