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Gas tank question

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I know I've been blowing up the mechanics corner with questions but just one more.....what is this tube on the gas tank for?? It was just like that when I got the bike....not attached to anything. The bike runs fine, but I'm kind nervous about leaving it open like that. Anyone know what its for...what its supposed to hook up to?

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Just a guess but I think it's probably fuel vapor and originally went to a charcoal canister or the bike equivalent. After '85 or so the EPA made bikes control that as well.
Don't cap it as it causes the fuel system to try to find a release for the vapor pressure and can push the needles off their seats causing flooding.
You can pretty much leave it as is. The only time gas can come out is either the bike is upside down (bad) or on fire (very bad).
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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