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Gatorgunner's 94 ZX7

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Hey everyone, ive been more of a lurker than a poster, so i might as well show off. This is my 94 ZX7 (L2) I bought it for a grand. It has a polished frame, crazy looking paint (which im not too fond of) and an 850cc big bore kit on it. Unfortunately the engine was busted so im transplanting another one into it now. Anyways tell me what you think. Sorry for the bad pictures
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hey thanks. Yeah it screamed when it ran. I dont think im gonna keep the 850 an 850, i think im gonna put the stock sleaves, and pistons back in, and stroke it to a 793, that seems to have a longer life than the 850. As for the older ninjas, i like them too, i love the old ZX7's and the early 90's ZX6's. They were heavy, but those engines seem to me to be fairly bullett proof. I had a buddy who owned a 93 ZX6, he had it forever, and it never broke down on him like my 97 yamaha did.
Anyways im rambling. I hope to have the new pics up when i get it repainted.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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