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Thanks to my poor choice of wording in the title of this thread I will have the soundtrack to "the King and I" running through my head all day. I hope this thread ends up being worth it. :biggrin:

My question to everyone is...

How long have you been riding and in that time how many bikes have you owned? Also, what where they and what type of biker do you consider yourself?

I myself have been riding since I was about 6 yrs old. Started out on a little Honda minibike. I then owned a few ratty dirt bikes on and off for years. I did not own a real street bike until I was 16yrs old. I rode very consistantly up until I was about 28 yrs old then stopped riding after a near death accident for about 12 years. I just recently got back into the game.

During the years I have owned about 17 street and dirt bikes but I will just list the street bikes.

My first street bike was a 1974 Honda CB360T...talk about your first taste of freedom.

Then another 1974 Honda CB360T after I totaled the first and nearly crippled myself.

Then a 1984 Honda CB400...piece of junk that barely ran.

Then a 1985 Honda Rebel 250 (first new bike) which I loved but totaled on the highway two days after I paid it off.

Then a 1987 Honda Rebel 450 which I thought was a real power house at the time.

Then a 1986 Honda CB450...loved the look but found it very uncomfortble.

Then a 1985 Suzuki GR650..nightmare bike that sent me back to Honda.

The a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 700...which I owned for a full 15 hours before it was stolen and never seen again.

Then a 1992 Honda CB750...which I was almost killed on and drove me away from riding for awhile (mostly my other half's decision)

Then after 12 yrs away I bought a 2008 Kawasaki KLR650 which was an awesome bike but not right for me.

Then my current 2008 Kawasaki Versys 650 which I will say is probably the best bike I ever owned.

As for what type of biker I am...I would say I am just a general two wheeler. I do not care if it is a sport, standard, or cruiser...I like 'em all.

Your answers do not need to be as long winded as mine. I was just bored. :biggrin:

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You can see my bikes in my bikepics link, but I've owned 6 different ones and have two currently. I've been riding for about 22 years now. I'm not a biker, but a "rider". I like all kinds of bikes and enjoy sport, cruising, and touring.

If I may add to your list of questions....it would be neat to know how many miles everyone has ridden over the years. For me, it's been about 80,000 over the years. The majority of it has come in the past 6 years since I bought the Vulcan. It has 52K on it alone.

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1973 I had a Kawi 500 (40,000 miles)
Sold it in 1977 when I moved to Oregon
2006 Yamaha 650 Maxim XJ 1972 model (Got from a friend who's wife biffed it and still trying to get it put back together)
2007 Kawi 900 VN Classic (6,000 miles)

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Got my bike license before car license when I was 17 and my 1st bike was a Kawa KE175 road/trail bike, then Suzuki GSX250 brand new which I sold when I went to Darwin for a while where I had an old 175 Yamaha road/trail.
Came back to Adelaide and got a Honda CB250 and traded that for a Honda 650 can't remember the model which I then sold and stopped riding until recently. Now I have a 900 Classic and love it(so do my sons). I'm not a bikie may look like one, not a biker I just ride because I love it the feeling of freedom. Couldn't say how many km/miles I have done not enough though.

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I have been riding on and off for about 23 years, started out with a Kawasaki 454 LTD then bought a Suzuki Intruder 700. I then sold that and did not own a bike till I bought my 2006 Vulcan 900 LT then traded up this year to my Nomad. I am also a "rider", I ride as much as possible because I liiike it, I like it a lot!!

And thanks a lot for the King and I "ear worm" that I am now stuck with!

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I started out on a 1973 Honda CL175 in 1997. Progressed to a 1988 Yamaha FZ750. Then a 2003 Kawa Vulcan 800. Now I have a 07 Vulcan 900. Total miles....maybe 4000. I never rode as much as I do now. Plus my first 2 I was terrified to ride on the highway.

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I've been riding over 43 years, so trying to remember the "years" on the early bikes are a bit " fuzzy". Let's see if memory still works:

1965(?) Yamaha 50 cc
1968(?) Yamaha 125 cc
1970ish Honda 350 cc Scramber/street bike
1974 Kawasaki 400 cc S-3 triple
1982 Yahama 750 cc Virago
Didn't ride in the 1990's-life was boring !
2003 Suzuki 1400 Intruder
current(and best) 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1600

I'm 56 years young and plan on riding 'til the Good Lord calls me home :biggrin: :wink: :wink:

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69 sears minibike
kaw 100 enduro 72
kaw 350 bighorn
yam dt 250 75
honda mr 175 76 have since scored another
yamy ty 175 76 found another of this one to.
sr 500 yammy 78
kz 650 kaw 78
pe 250 , cant remember
kaw 200 3 wheeler cant remember yr
550 honda 74 cafe
dr 250 90
v-star 650 01
xs 650, several styles now own 4 all were barn bikes
69 bsa lightning just sold
4 hodakas 2 left
80 cbf waiting to be revived
80 xs 11 waiting to be revived
79 cb 400 t street fighter being revived
rt 360 finding parts to revive
cb 360 74 finding parts to cafe.
04 599 honda , daily ride.

what type of biker?, hardly ever get out on the road, when I do I ride alone. ;Ride to the coffee shop n back mostly but sometimes I go the long way hitting country roads, ive been on one 4 lane once since 1972. gues I dont get out much. :p

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my first streetbike was a ex500at age 22. Rode the **** out of it then sold it because I really needed the cash. just started riding again after a 2 year hiatus, but now my bike is an 05' zx-6r.

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first real bike was a suzuki gs650e = wrecked it into a cement barrier, long story involving a poodle

second bike vulcan 700 = rode that until it made loud banging noises from the engine

at the same time as the vulcan I owned a harley sportster,rarely ran ( darn AMF), and a hurricane ( met with a bad demise on track day)

a for a short period of time a ninja 250

Now I have a shadow 1100

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Started out on a 74 Honda Trail , then a Kawasaki 175 can't remeber the year, then an 83 Virago 750, next 81 Honda CB900, next 78 Honda Goldwing and now my 1980 KZ1000. My dad bought me the Honda and I haven't been without a bike since.

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Let's see.......
First one was a 1964 Ducati 250.
1948 Harley Davidson FL74 3 speed tank shift reverse
1979 Harley Davidson XLCH (Last CH)
1975 Kawasaki 400
1975 Kawasaki Z-1B
1978 Kawasaki Z-1R
1987 Kawasaki ZL1000 Eliminator
1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R
9 other 900-1000s
1983 Kawasaki GPz1100 (theres MY Kawasaki cred!!!!)
1969 Sandcast CB750
1971 CB750K2
1974 CB750K
1975 CB750F1 (X2)
1979 CB750FZ (X5) including my 152,000 mile daily rider
1982 CB900F
1983 CB1100F (pile)

1978 Suzuki GS750EC
1982 Suzuki GS650L
1972 Suzuki GT750J Kettle

1983 Yamaha XVZ1200TDK Venture Royale (both wheelied WELL!!)
1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer
1987 Yamaha FZR750RT (known as the only bike I ever missed)

2001 Buell X1-W White Lightning, white with a Nuclear Blue frame and Performance Machine wheels. *********** suspension. Stock exhaust. Race ECM.

Will be a CVO Harley Dyna, and another Ironhead Sportster in there before I go. There was almost a 1999 HD FXR3 this year.

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well lets see I started riding April of this year on a Honda Shadow 750 Ace, Great bike by the way. Put 8000 miles on it in 6 months. Then got the Vulcan 1600 in Sep and have put about 4000 on it. Thats it. Still a newbi.

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started riding when i was moto x at 12 been riding ever scence, that makes it 18 years. im not about to list all the bikes ive had but currently have a 90 cbr 250, 86 cr 500, 85 gpz 600 and a 97 zzr1100.

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Allstate Moped
Moto Guzzi 125
Honda 305
Triumph TR6
Yamaha LS2
Triumph T100
Ducati 350
Moto Guzzi 850
Suzuki 180
Suzuki 380GT
Kawasaki KZ1000 C4
Honda Goldwing (1978 )
Kawasaki 900 classic

A few other junkers that I can't remember what brand (125's 250's)

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First bike was a new 72 Suzuki TS 90.

I was 15 at the time and that was old enough for a street license in Texas. Handsome devil isn't he?

From there I picked up a new 75 Suzuki GT380...

...not mine BTW - I had a black one. This was a great bike until I wrecked it about 9 hours after I picked it up. The wreck broke my left arm and I lost the desire to ride for quite a few years.

Well, the bug finally bit again when my brother-in-law gave me his old 70 early 80 something Honda CX500 Custom (which was an absolutely awful bike).

Mine looked like this one, but the photo isn't mine...

Well, after a bit on the ill handling CX I decided I wanted a better ride, so I picked up a Water Buffalo - the Suzuki GT750.

And yes, mike was this ugly looking pink color!

Sold that one once I began to grow to confident in my own riding abilites. Suppose I thought I was fixin to kill myself, so I laid off for a time.

But, the bug being what it is - i got bit again. This time I went Honda and picked up a new 1980 CB750F. One of my all time favorite bikes!

This one is also "not mine" - but mine was the same color. This was an early supersport and was a fantastic bike!

But it was also bought the same year my first daughter was born. So I hung up my helmet shortly after and didn't ride again for a very very long time.

Fast forward 14 years and I picked up a my first Yamaha - an 80's something Seca 750.

Used this one to ride back and forth to college on. Nice bike, but a bit buzzy...

Then, for reasons unknown, I laid off again. Until Joyce decided she wanted to ride. That desire fueled my re-entry and I now have a 2006 Kawasaki 650R...

And the BAD BOY bike - the 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa...

And this is my all time favorite ride.

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Currently I have 3. An '07 Busa, '06 ZX 14 and an '05 Ninja 250.
Previously there was a '99 Vmax, '02 CBR 954 and my learning ride a '93 Honda Nighthawk.
Been riding since 2000 and am approaching 50 and wished I had started in my teens. What can I say its an addiction.
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