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Hello World! I'm new here. I went down and turned my:
  • Textile Scorpion Savannah pants into chaps (size L)
  • ripped my Leather Scorpion Elektra jacket open (loose size M)
  • along with my crappy icon twenty niner gloves
  • scratched up my rubatone icon airframe helmet (that doesn't fit me right anyway, M)

Looking for womens gear and what size I should get. I have nothing to try on in my area other then Scorpion/Icon (which are wide/short respectively). I don't ride track but would if I travel anywhere next to one. I'll be wearing this on the street and highway constantly, not looking for a one piece, a 2 piece I'm open to (but the jackets seem much shorter if I wanted to wear just the jacket?) Preferably with knee sliders but not necessarily. Open to mens gear since I'm taller but finding it hard to find something fitted.

For an idea on sizing I'm 5'7, 25 inch waist, 21 inch thighs, 37 inch hips, long fingers and that's pretty much what all my problems are about. I can either
  • Pull size small jackets over my head like icon and Joe Rocket because they're wide in the middle (not good during a slide)
  • freeze and get pelted with rocks and bugs on my wrist because the sleeves are short
  • show my butt crack to everyone because all the jackets I find are to short
  • Not breath because my waist is small but my hips aren't so to get something to fit me I have to go up in size which leaves everything bagging off of me.
  • not feel my fingers because the gloves are short or have them bagging off of me for length
What brands run longer in womens? The Scorpion Elektra was the best fit I found because it was longer then the rest of their jackets. I've never had a chance to try Alpinestar or Dainese lady gear and I'm interested in how they fit? If anyone can tell me it'd be much appreciated. I've googled and looked at vids but due to different sizing and shapes I can't really tell.

Can anyone suggest a name brand that would be slimmer everywhere but longer in length? The spidis seem to fit baggy in the butt on people. The Small Scorpion outfits are ok but short (other then the jacket I had), and I want something a little more protective that fits. The Icon and Joe Rocket outfits I can pull over my head. I know the new Vika Alpinestars outfit fits this bill but this is thinner and 'softer' then the jacket I ripped through.

Would Dainese or Alpinestars fit better for taller slim people with hips? I'd rather not have to get a large size that fits baggy in the legs if I go with a fitted 2 piece.

Thoughts on what brands to look into would be great. Sorry for the long first post!
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