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God, that felt good!!!!!

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I did it !!!I rode up and down my street at least 6 times. It was really great. still alot of sand but I chanced it. it was worth the risk. I feel new again. I hope everyone gets the chance soon.
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its been warm down here in texas, lots and lots of riding, we need a good rain to get rid of the extra road salt/sand that is still around. Hope you get a chance soon to really put some rubber on the road.

IOWA, You just wanted an excuse to HAVE to clean the bike. Get a head start on all of us... I live in Kansas...know what you are going through...After the 14" of snow we had salt sand so deep...then a couple days ago we had thunderstorms, lightning, winds and about 3" of rain...now EVERYTHING IS mud! Especially out here on the gravel roads. ANyway...nice to ride...nice to clean?

Hahaha cool man! I'm lucky here, it doesn't snow, so inbetween rainstorms the weathers been amazing as of late. <Looking outside> it's pooring now... so I feel ya.
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