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Okay i am still confused on what to buy between the 2 bikes.

Kawasaki Mean Streak or Suzuki Marauder?????

Can you awesome peeps help me decide, and yes i know this is the Kawasaki forum.....never found a Marauder one. I think they all come here for advice.

The color will be changed....I have a painter ready.

Thanks guys.
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just pick the styling you like best - they are really the same bike except for some
body parts :wink: - imo meanie wins in styling
i agree with bikeaholic, pick the styling you like best. apart from that, they are pretty much identical bikes mechanically speaking. i considered them both before changing direction and going for the vulcan 1500 classic. personally, i like the looks of the MS much better.... good luck & enjoy the ride!!
For what it's worth before getting the 1600 Classic I looked around at Yamapoppers, Suzuki, Ford, Honda & Kawasaki bikes.

Really liked the styling of the Suzuki & Kawasaki best.

After the wife saw the 1500 & 1600 Classic togeather & sitting on the CLassic that was the one she wanted. I took it for a test spin 8) & it ended up in the garage that night :p :p :p

I personally like the Classic's looks better than the Streak, but that's just me. However, on the other hand I love the green streak, wish I could get the classic in green.

For my .00002 cents worth Kawasaki are the best bikes going!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the ANSWER, in a question. When you set on the bikes, literally set on them with the kickstand up, one foot in place and then swithing to the other foot...and just setting...S e t t i n g there...which one is the most comfortable? Everyone wonders what everyone else thinks... HEY, it's your butt in the saddle and your arms and legs, no one is built the same and no one can answer the question but yourself...you can be one only with a bike that fits you...you can ride anything from a dirt bike to a BUSA 1300 or a HONDA 1600 Triumph 2300...whatever...get what FITS! Personally, I like a Ninja ZX-600 series bike...there is no way that we are the same size, have the same riding experience, or the same taste in cars or bikes....EVEN on the OF chance that we did they wouldn't feel hte same...get what YOU like, and don't worry about the FORUM...we have lots of people on here that own everything from H-D, Brand Y, Brand H, Brand S, even some bikes that we don't even have in this country that are made by Kawasaki...
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They are both the same..... I have the Marauder..... If you choose the Marauder you could always change the rear fender ..... But Why?? :lol:
I'd like to put the Marauder headlight and air cleaner covers on my Meanie, but I'll keep the stock Mean Streak fender, TYVM!
As others have said. They are pretty much the same. The differences are cosmetic and really comes down to what you like for rear fender, headlight, tank badge, paint stripe, and air box covers. They are both made by Kawasaki. The "manufactured by" sticker says Kawasaki Heavey Industries. The Marauder is a Kawasaki with a different nameplate. They both feel EXACTLY the same when you sit on them.


I had the same feeling you did about switching parts, but when I saw the Marauder for $2000 off list, I jumped all over it. Traded my Kawasaki 800A in on the spot.
on the fence said:
Okay i am still confused on what to buy between the 2 bikes.
Kawasaki Mean Streak or Suzuki Marauder?????
OK, I am cheap. I would buy the one I could get the best deal on. You mention you are going to have it painted. You could very well find one with a less popular color and get an even better deal. The two bikes are the same except for a couple cosmetic details. For me it would come down to $$$. :)
I went for the meanie. The difference is all cosmetic, and I prefer the meanie's.

The streched fender and headlight don't rhyme with the rest of the "chopped" bike, IMO.
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