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Good morning

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Nickname is Grace, pleasure to be here.

I've not been riding long, litterally less than 250 miles under my belt.

After taking the MSF Basic Rider's Course in October, I found and bought my bike less than a month later. It's a 1982 Kaw KZ440 LTD with a fine history of being owned and ridden by women. :D

She's currently in pieces in the garage as I work on rebuilding the carbs (looooooooong story).

This nice weather we've been having is killing me as I dearly want to be out on the Kaw, not in my **** car. I've got parts on the way, and am searching, somewhat fruitlessly for reasonably price diaphragms (ha).

Just thought I would introduce myself as I have a look around.
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welcome grace :wink: always glad to have new riders on board!

good luck on the bike and ride safe!!
Welcome! :)
welcome, we got a,ot of smart poeple here, so feel free to ask about anything, I'm sure someone could answer it (espeically about a ex250 :D ) have fun.


Grace, welcome to the FORUM. You have a nice bike, definately worth the time and money to maintain. It may be a bit "vintage" but some of the best things in life are. Now that you will have th bike you will need a cold pack for your film while you are out riding. You already know that you will see more, and feel more and smell the outdoors...it will excite your senses, and there will be so many more pictures to take and stories to tell...If you need anything, the fourm probably has a person on it with an answer for you. From insurance, bike parts, clothing...guys and gals.
Lindsey J. Angell
Oh, I know she's a good bike. :D

After I completed the course, my fiance was bringing home bike trader, and would look through it to see if there was anything relatively local that would be good for me.

I come home from work one Wednesday afternoon and he shoves the Bike Trader at me, thumping the picture of the Kaw. "Call. Now." So I did... I was the first person to call, and talked 'em down to $550 I think (can't quite remember now).

Apparently, he had the exact same bike when he started riding, and regreted ever selling the darn thing.

It still slays me that for a 21 year old bike, that one stupid part that's just three inches long is so expensive.... :x

But I'll get her back together here before too long.
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grace don't know if you know about: www.kzrider.com

good source for info/parts :wink:
*hugs bikeaholic*

thank you. Those guys have been amazingly helpful!!!!

I owe you a cold one.
welcome to the forum..get her back together and ride...be safe.
Girls forum

Hi Grace,
I haven't been riding long either, bought a brand new 03 Kaw Ninja 500 R, have 450 miles on it so far. I really like it. Is this forum turning into a girl's forum? JK :lol: :lol: :lol:
The more girls the merrier, bikers still get a bad name thanks to the hollister incident, etc. so the more nice friendly...(better looking if I may say so myself)...bikers the better off we all are.

Hey Lori,

I agree, it's nice to see other women out there taking charge and hopping onto the helm of their own motorcycles!

And they're doing it at more advanced ages too. The woman I bought my Kaw from had purchased it to become more comfortable with riding after completing the BRC course... and after years on the back seat of her husband's hog.

My mother just completed the BRC course and has a little Honda Rebel 450 (she was darned lucky to find that little buggar). She's 59! Course, former Texas Governor Anne Richards learned to ride a Harley for her 60th birthday.

There's a wonderful book called Hear Me Roar (I think) about the history of women in motorcycling. Very good read, I highly recommend it.

I'll be working on gettgin the carbs reassembled and replacing the throttle cable this week (when I can find the time), and the diaphragms (someone else on here found 'em on EBay!) should be here by Saturday (I hope). :D

With all luck, and hoping the diaphragms fit, I should be back on the road next week. Cross your fingers for me. It was so gorgeous yesterday, it was just gnawing at me to not be able to get out and ride. :(
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:D :D :D Wish you were closer to me, we could go for a ride! I will be going to Leguna-seca for Superbikes with my son in July, we are going to take a parade lap on the track! My son rides a Yamaha R1. :D
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