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good things coming from bad situations

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Dont you just hate it when people dont watch were they are going? I just about got plowed one day by a sports car that ran a stop sign and then tha guy flipped me the bird like i was the potential killer, dumb dumb.
But through all this there was one good thing i learned ta do a stoppie and it was almost a vertical (I think the extra load in my seat prevented this eewww!!). Anywayz just be careful. See you at the races.
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You must have nice sticky tires! :shock:
geez, congrats on first stoppie, and welcome to the forums

I'd travel aht road every day till I found him again then get a discription and plate number, then g to either my cell phone or whatever nad call him in for not only running the stop sigh but for flipping you off. The cops will understand the running the stop sign ,but for flipping YOU off that kinda' gets a little extra icing on the cake...for them. Meanwhile yo can smile andknow that you have done your deed and perhaps put a ding in one of his days...
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