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Way excited...I used to ride my dad's 1976 Honda 750...it was very clean, but sat too long. So after being off the roads for 5-6 years, I finally took the safety class, got license, and bought a 2006 Vulcan 1500. Back rest, windshield, 2in1 pipes, hard bags....3500 miles on it. Beautiful bike!

First observation: It's BIG!! I'm 6'2", 300ish....and this bike is a handful. I'm feeling better on it after 4-5 weeks now, but I'm extremely safety aware and working on confidence.

I'll have lots of mechanical questions, as I'm just not that good with the mechanics of it all. First thing is, the pipes are discoloring a bit near manifold. Is there chrome cleaner to bring them back to full shine?
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