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Got my Break-In Done.

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Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!

That thing is FAST!!!!!
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Define fast...just kidding. I've seriously been trying to decide upon a bike other than my road rocket 250R for trips on the road. It has to be a sport bike not a cruiser style...I was leary of the ZZR-600 becasue of the carbs and weight...versus the ZX-6R/RR models so spill it...better on the open road with the weight...balance and feel...My bad back requires that I lean forward and not set upright to ride...
You lean forward a bit---but nothing as severe as the "R" models.

Its very stabile on the road---but a lunk to push around in tight quarters.

Even with the extra weight of the ZZR---you still get blown around on high wind days---I'm thinking the lighter bikes would be downright scary on those windy days-----I'm assuming KS get the high winds that NE gets.

What rev range should I keep it at?? It also has a 14k redline.

So far I've been using the 6k to 9k range----70mph to 80mph comes awfull quick when you just twist the throttle over 6k. Had it up to 90mph--but shut her down real quick once I realized just how fast that is.

Also---its a lot smoother now that I can take the revs up----was real choppy at 6k and below.

This bike gets a lot of looks on the street too-----too bad its mostly guys and 16yo girls------as I don't do guys and 16yo girls are just waaaaaay too young.
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I like the 14K rpm! Yes we get the wind...I live SW of Kansas City Kansas 35miles south right off of I-35...so we get the nasty wind that you are familiar with...I have had a full and hemi-Lamenectomy, fusion with cages in my lower back from L3 L4 L5 S1 so I can't take setting upright...to long, but the DR agrees that riding can be great Physical therapy for my back...and prolong my walking before I eventually go to the wheelchair. I still have some on occasion feeling with both my feet and legs...I was wondering about all that weight and figured that since the ZX-6R//RR had less weight than the 500 and less than the ZZR-600 and the ZX's both had EFI instead of carbs...and weighed less...but the ZZR-600 may be the better of the bikes...still not sure what to choose for a road bike for long distance...your bike has the weight to keep stability a major factor...and I love the Ruby Red...If I was to do one though I think that I would have to run lower profile tires, or at least change some of the gearing. Wrapping it up/out to get up to speed then having a good speed/rpm for cruising is nice... How many miles do you have now? What likes/dislikes...have you thought of a taller windscreen to keep you farther in the slipstreem or are you already tucked in enough not to be buffeted by the wind?
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I forgot to ask about the seating comfortability and if you could take it for hours at a time...have you removed/eliminated any of the dragchute rear fender...any sugesions recommendations...I'm 51 so I've been through everything from dirtbikes, road racing (tracks), street bikes, atv's karting...and now working on my local road rocket250R with strictlyy town gearing even for 6th gear...75MPH tops...so I'm looking for a bike and I'm still asking and listening...and reading EVERY magazine at Borders bookstore!!!
Couple things I really like about it:
1.Water cooled
2.Has a center stand.
3. Riding postition----I got on a Suzuki SV650S in the shop----was way too stretched out---felt like I was on the rack.

I wanted sportbike styling without the racing seating position---the ZZR was perfect for me---just can't get into the v-twin cruisers------my buddy just bought a Yamaha V-star 1100-----my ZZR will chew that thing up and spit it out.

I pretty much got the bike to let my gas hog truck(2003 Nissan Frontier 4x4 -ext cab--Supercharged V6---loaded) sit with these high gas prices----and well----bikes are fun.

I've looked into a taller windscreen on the web---most all I can find is stuff for the ZX--600R/RR and 500 models--------Will parts for these fit on my ZZR???

It has about 1075 miles on it as of this morning.

Never knew the rear fender was a problem---if I take it off---can I still mount a licence plate?? As I'm going in today to get plates(plate) for it----then I'll be all legal.
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My back was sore the first couple weeks of riding it----think that's more from getting old and not being on bikes for 17 years------I still wake up sore from time to time----but the bike is conditioning me back into form----as it can be a handfull as times.

The shop here has another ZZR-600 on the floor already----if they don't have one in your area to get on and see how you like it.

I'd make a call to PUIG and ask them. Thanks for the info...on your bike...sooooit is a bike that I may now consider...IF my camaro is definately sold (as I think it is) then I will make a trip to Beartooth, Red Lodge, MT....and ride home...taking nothing but back us highways and roads... ALthough I have a bad back, I have pain pills that completely numb my back...no feeling in my feet and legs, only lower back-pain since the injury and surgery...Absloutely a great looking bike and for th noney I'd say bargain,,,
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