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Got my New Metzler's

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Finally able to get these, got a good deal from local Tire Co.

Merry Xmas to Me!

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whistle clean said:
I personally am not a whitewall person....but I have to say those do make your bike look classy n custom. I agree with the others about the paint scheme and whitewall complementing one another.quote]

i'd have to agree. never thought i'd like WW's on a bike, but they do fit yours quite well, nice choice.
stop it whistle, you're making me drool !!!
whistle clean said:
ispeed77 said:
stop it whistle, you're making me drool !!!
LOL.....Sharing is in my nature....:)
well isn't that nice of you !!!
PickYourPockets said:
Staff- nice rims.

Whistle- I'm not sure but I think you are supposed to change both tires at once. Riding with different age compounds front and rear can be dangerous I think. Someone here will confirm/deny.
i no mechanic, but i will have to disagree with that. i know a lot of people will get many more miles out of a front tire than a rear. some people even get close to double, so two front to one rear. i am sure there is some logic in what you say, but i don't personally know anyone who follows it. like you said, someone here will confirm/deny what is correct.

ok, that sounds logical. you are "supposed" to change both, i'll buy into that. my only exposure has seen most people change one at a time.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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