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Got the 2000, now for Seats

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I pickup my 2000 on Sat (OZ time) :D with thanks to the invaluable tips from many in this forum. I know seats have been done to death, but I couldn't find anything to fit my particular issue. Any of you tall riders out there find the back of the standard seat digs into your tailbone :cry: ? If you do, have you found any seats like the Mustang, Corbin, Saddlemen etc alleviate this (perhaps with the inclusion of the backrest) ? Boy, am I looking forward to Saturday.
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seat comfort

Hi, Peter,
I know your excitement for the new bike man! I got my Nomad late this summer. New to me, but an '02. First long trip I realized the seat wasn't going to cut it. We did a 750 mile 3 day run and I was squirming for comfort most of the time. I'm too cheap to run out and buy an seat that costs as much as my living room couch, so I looked for some memory foam (tempur-pedic) NASA space foam for the shuttle seats. You know the stuff. I found some on ebay and it is perfect. carve off the top 1" or so of foam and replace it with this stuff, then reattach the cover. I'm very happy with the results. I had to buy more than I need so have some pieces left. It would help any seat be more comfortable, since it forms to the butt. $5 is not much to risk before investing in a new seat.

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