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Got the 2000, now for Seats

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I pickup my 2000 on Sat (OZ time) :D with thanks to the invaluable tips from many in this forum. I know seats have been done to death, but I couldn't find anything to fit my particular issue. Any of you tall riders out there find the back of the standard seat digs into your tailbone :cry: ? If you do, have you found any seats like the Mustang, Corbin, Saddlemen etc alleviate this (perhaps with the inclusion of the backrest) ? Boy, am I looking forward to Saturday.
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I'm 6'3
I have the corbin rumbleseat for a variety of reasons. It was ordred with an extra 2" of height, and later found out i could have asked them to put it back farther as well. So whatever you chose, talk to them obout your heght. There are some nice bars out there as well. Good luck on your ergonomics

Sounds like your bike may have a sticky decompression solenoid. One of the few problems this bike has had so far. If they don't have the part, suggest they put a couple drops of oil on the plunger until they get it.

I am prone to back problems. the two inches helped me sit with my weight on my legs a little more, put some weight on my feet, etc. It's not the best for center of gravity, but as i'm light at 165 it seems ok. I sometimes need the two up so i couldn't really do the solo exactly how i would have liked it. As you know seems all the bikes made are for people under 6 feet.

There are people who build a seat however you want it around here. They tear apart your stocker and remold with it. You might check over there, esp if you ride for hours at a time.

Good luck
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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