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First check all the wires that are attached to the Starter Selenoid (Magnetic switch) (this is the part with the 30 Amp fuse on top)) for poor contacts clean up as required.

Make sure you have a good earth from the battery to the Frame/Engine.
And a good connection from the Battery positive terminal down to the Selenoid.

If all is ok and you still get the Buzzing then it is most likely the Selenoid at fault.

One last thing to test is that the Battery is ok by bridging out the Selenoid..

On top of the Selenoid are two large terminals where the thick red cables are attached, One from the Battery positive terminal and one down to the Starter motor.
You need to bridge these two with something like a pair of pliers one jaw on one terminal then open the pliers until the other jaw will touch down onto the other terminal, There will be some sparks as you touch the second terminal so the best method is to make a good quick connection and the starter will crank the motor.
You only need to make this connection for say ONE SECOND as this is all it takes for the starter to crank when the connection is made.
If the starter cranked then your Selenoid is the problem.
If it didn't then suspect the battery.

!!! If you touch the pliers by accident to an earth when one jaw is on the Battery positive cable on the Selenoid then you could risk the Battery EXPLODING.

You don't need the Ignition switched on for this test as the bridge cuts out this part of the system.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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