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Battery OK?

Have you tested the battery under a load? If you put a meter on the battery it should read about 12 or above Vdc...then while in Neutral and the meter is touching the battery hit your starter switch again and see what your Vdc is...IF it drops below then replace the battery...it is the weakest link...that and the battery contacts. IF yor lights come on when you turn the ignition swith on. I would pull ALL of your fuses and only have the ignition fuse in for starting the bike then after it is running push the others in one at a time. Let us know what you find...as the forum is a learning tool for everyone using it. Be sure to check that your kickstand switch lockout has a clean contact as well. whe you take the wire off the contact should be cleaned and then reinstalled...we have seen this before on start up problems when the bike is put into gear it dies...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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