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GPX600R Carb problems.
I went out for a blast to day now that the snow has gone. Filled the tank up with gas and away I went
Had only gone 18 miles when she just died so I coasted so a stop at the side
Of the road had a good look round the bike could not find any obvrous things wrong
Thumbed the starter a couple of times but she would not start the only way I could get her to start was with the choke full on once running took the choke off and set of for home.
Did the same thing about 10 miles later
Sat there for a couple of seconds pressed the starter and away she went again.
This problem seams to happen if I give it a big hand full for any length of time.
Now I no that the carbs need balancing but they are not that far out.
When I finally got home I took the carbs of adjusted the pilot needles to the settings in the book
Put it all back together and went out for a test run.
Ran ok from low speed right up to redline with out a hint of what it had bean doing
Any one have any ideas

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possibly a blocked filter leading to fuel starvation??

Check your fuel filter, pipes, and possibly the carbs too.

Also check your breather pipe from the tank isn't blocked (that can do the same thing as the vacuum stops the fuel getting out) thats easier to check first.

I'm sure someone else with more specific knowledge will post something soon ;-)

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IF it was really cold out and then you let it set then I would suspect that you had carb icing. Fuel mixing with air is a vapor and it freezes...that is one reason aircraft have carb heaters. You could have too, some water in your fuel filter...letting it set sounds like the mosisture is thawing...or you could even have a pinched or cracked fuel line...all in all with cold being the problem I suspect fuel and not electrical. It could even be an air leak making the=ings to lean...like my ATV even though I had a K&N filter the airbox lid wasn't properly sealed...Something that I won't forget. Sometimes spraying dish detergent and water from a spray bottle will show you where the vacuum leak is...could even be the airbox to the carbs leaking. keep pumping the water till you find the RPM's increase...still suspect water or an air leak...esp water in a fuel line or filter.

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I think this is a fuel starvation problem....
See when the motorbike is cold u use the choke that means less air more fuel
So at your time your air intake system got messed giving the engine more air than it needs thats why when you used the choke(more fuel)
it started working.I positively think that your carburators need a good clean and the air intake screw good adjustment...If you need more help just ask
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