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Can any one help me out? 98 GPX600R engine rebuild
Just striped me motor and am a bit confused as to how
To set the cams up cos in the Haynes manual it says when adjusting the cam timing
Position No 1 piston at TDC and the IN and EX marks on the cams should be pointing at each other
Now that ok as you now where the pistons are in relation to the valves not a problem
But cos I’m taking the crank out and the cams out the book says the when reinstalling the cams the marks should be aligned with the machined surface of the cylinder head.
So now the IN mark and the EX mark are now facing out would
Now if piston no 1 is still at TDC then the timing will be out by 180 degrees
Or have I mist something?
Any one help

:?: :D
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