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GPZ 400R Coolant Problem - And leaking fuel..

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Hi All,

am new to this forum, must say I like it, seems to be a nice group of people, USA / Aus / Brit and now probably your first paddy (irish) member!

I had leaking fuel from the overflow pipes on my bike (1989 Ninja GPZ 400r 33,000km) - (only have it a few days) Father in law told me it was a issue with the float not closing due to dirt and to flush the carbs out. I did this, and indeed it seemed to solve the problem. But since flushing I now have a leaking water pump. I thought it was from the petrol spillage causing the seal to harden / crack, but I replaced it (rather rebuilt it with instant gasket sealer) but its not coming from the join at all, its coming from the back of the pump. does the pump merely sit into a rubber "bung" ? and can this easily be replaced or should I leave it into the shop for repair ?

Also when the bike is warm, its a bit of a dog at pulling in low revs and often stalls and by low I mean from stopped I have to rev to 6,000 before releasing the clutch otherwise she will definetly stall. Not sure if this is dirty fuel ? Also need to know what position to put the fuel source selection lever (there is 3 settings. PRI - ON - Res) I presume that Pri is for the main tank, Res is reserve tank, what the heck is on ? Auto select ?
and is there no OFF selection ?

If necessary I can probably post pictures of where the leak is eminating...
Also am looking for an owners manual (service schedule etc) and a workshop manual, can anybody recommend where to get one ? Ideally I would download one......

I am very new to motorcycling, have very little tools, buckets of enthusium and lots common sense mingled in with a healthy dose of self-mortality. :wink:

Thanks for reading / responding.

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First, welcome to the Forum. Second I would think tha tthe pump should be just completely replaced...third, I have heard of the bikes useing Pri as Prime and I don't understand that exactly...ON and REServe are understandable... Sloshing the tank out and getting the junk out of it is important, and perhaps worth the time to pull the petcock apart and clean it out as well. YOu should be able to pull the plugs from the bottom of the carbs to see if there is any stuff in the bowls...oh, heah, ther may also be a screen fine mesh in the bottom of your tank...you could attach a hose nd blow som air, lightly to back wash the sediment from the mesh back into the tank before sloshing it out...
SEPERATE...Sometime in the FUTURE I would like to ask some questions about Ireland...if you have the time...
[email protected]k.net
Hi everybody!!

Thanks for the reply ! Also the emails, I'll try to find more time to write again. (tough with wife 2 kids, 2 cars and a troublesome momobike!!)

I did clean out the tank, slooshed it out into a bucket, then examined the debris. Seemed to be small shavings of rusted metal. Refitted tank, installed clean gas, and took a test drive. And same thing happened again ! So this time I took off the tank, removed the petcock, and noticed there were little bugs in there around the mini filter, and in the petcock. There were very small, like the size of baby spiders, but were more beetle shaped......

cleaned it all out, re-assembled, fresh gas, test drive, nice bike !
No problems at all, and has been running well for a while now :)

As for the coolant leek, I am still having the problem, although it loses only half a litre / day, it is something I will have to get around to doing real soon. Its only a matter of time before I forget to top it off, and cook the engine.....

I also need a new / second hand brake disk (front) for the bike. I called the local breaker, he told me he had one off a 600r and should fit. Well it didnt and might possibly have to buy one in from the States as the local dealer told me he wanted 400EURO for a new one. As the bike cost me only 1100EURO there is no way I am paying that.

Rgds and thanks. also thanks to Fozy for the pdf. wasnt quite what i was expecting, but i REALLY appreciate the effort.

I am told that haynes didnt make a manual for the GPz 400r (ZX 400D???)
and a web search seemed to back this up. Any ideas for other manuals ?
I am all googled out :( and cannot find anything.....
Brian AKA Tazzzie_
1989 GPz 400r
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