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I have a GPZ400 (ZX400C) from the year 1992 (63000km) with a shifting problem. When the engine is cold, it shifts fine, but after about 10 minutes, when the engine is at operating temperture, it is not possible to change gear.This occurs in any gear. (Is it normally not the other way around?)

A while ago, a (professional) workshop has changed the shifter (external) due to a fall a the parking lot (not running engine). This workshop does not seem to be able to assess this newly arised problem. As it was my brothers bike, and he was fed up with the problem which could not be sorted, he gave his bike to me so I could have some tinkering fun.

Before I begin to get the engine out and to split the carters and such, maybe someone of you already had the problem?
I had some comments from people I know (such as worn dogs, clutch problem, engine oil), but they never had such a problem, or have know anyone with the problem.

Thanks for your helping me out.
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