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Great idea from bikeaholic

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All of you vintage buffs now have a plave to go! 8)
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Pre 90 is vintage? Dang that makes me feel old.
Yee haw!!!!
How many pre 1990 riders here?
And whatch ya got?
Mines a 1987 zx750r Ninja
Here she is, looks a little different now, since this picture I have changed exhaust , grips, and polished the lips of the wheels and added some newer model decals.
Re: All of you vintage buffs now have a plave to go!

Mines a 1984 GPz900R-A1, so she's 20 this year.
Rode her out today, first time since November after a service. Wow! She's still got the magic. Hit an indicated 230 Km/h before I ran out of road on the M4 ....
Sharp looking bike you have Wandering, what type of exhaust is that?
I like that stubby looking gold can.
Love the older sportbikes, they are what got me interested in bikes in the first place. Setting in highschool staring out the window at the bikes parked in the student lot.
Thanks ******.

I just love these (and older) "vintage" bikes. Cheap speed - big thrills, and very rewarding ride when you get it right. Can surprise kids on the new stuff too.

The exhaust system is a 4-1 made by MARVING, in Italy. Unfortunately they don't make that model anymore which is a great pity 'cause I would buy another - I think it really suits the bike and the howl as she's coming on cam and launching into hyperspace is awesome.

here is a more recent pic of mine kinda hard to see the differences between the two with this crappy camera, but its polished swing arm,polished lips om wheels, super trapp 4 into 1 exhaust and the green grips.
******, bike in 2nd pic looks a lot better with those rims and exhaust. Can't see the grips 'cause it looks like she's heading for your kitchen?

:oops: geez - it was just a suggestion :lol:

that's great :wink: i really like some of the older stuff maybe you can learn me something :lol:

vintage certainly isn't pre -90 but as i'm surprised to see so many of these bikes still running and i think there are alot of folks like you guys looking for
parts/info on 70,80, year bikes and i'd love to learn more about them

i rode with a guy yesterday with a 1984 honda magna 700, this thing was
nearly perfect 4k miles, and features like dual disc brakes,water cooled,shaft drive,sweet factory dual megaphone pipes-really nice

so have it guys- bring the old bikes on :lol:
when a 750 was a big bike!! :wink:

and thanks to folks at BEARTOOTH KAWASAKI for making it happen :wink:
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Was a great suggestion Bikeaholic. I feel that alot of the modern and youger riders look at their bikes like my bald head looks at a Bic razor. Every year they want to get rid of Their "old" bike and get the newest or fastest thing out this year. Their rides mean very little to them.
I kinda figured this was probably more intended for the cruiser bikes....LOL. Just couldn't resist, I love the older sport bikes of all kinds. And did ya get a chance to ride that Magna, they where pretty stout for a standard in 1984. We are helping a guy get his Magna 500 back together now, they have a real weird carb set up, 500cc v4, Take a look at the guys 700 next chance ya get.

******-i would like this forum to be for ALL bikes not just hiwayhogs :lol:
the older sport bikes,standards,crusiers,dirt bikes,whatever its all good :wink:

yes- i got to ride it for a little bit and it was pretty spunky,the guy said it was
during the oil crunch or something and the imports had to be 750cc or smaller
so honda built a 700cc magna-its the first one i'v seen that was still pristine.
pretty impressive features for a 20 year old bike-it had some kind of airbox or something for the carbs and a small radiator - it almost had the lines of a v-max-i liked it :shock:
my h2

here you go guys
the grandaddy of them all
1972 blue h2 triple
1983 KZ550A here. It's got about 43,000kms on the odometer. I'll post a pic once I find one to scan. :)

The 550A is a classic bike and not the coveted LTD model, but I like the look of the bike and the upright, vintage riding style. I think it surprises people how fast it can be, in spite of not looking like the racer bikes. :twisted:

nice bike smoke, enjoy many miles
Smokey that is a beautifull bike. I bet ya get all kinds of questions on it. I have one. How many miles on it? Well another, is it restored or just that well maintaned? It looks brand new. Well one more does she idle smooth or kinda choppy? Would love to hear her idle.
Migs, can't wait to see the pics.

dang smokey :shock: that thing is awesome!! like the others i would love to hear/ride it :twisted:
my h2

hi guys
glad you like the bike
she was purchased new in california then bought by a guy in dallas
the guy moved to england and brought the bike over with him
it was totally restored in england
it was purchased from him by a well known triple restorer here in uk
called rick brett
having wanted an h2 for many years i found ricks web site and
found out that he would sell this bike to me
it has 12000 genuine miles on it and is totally complete including its
original tool kit
when its running its been described as three wild cats fighting in an
oil drum :lol:
for a thirty two year old machine it is still mighty quick
but compared to modern machines the handling leaves something to be desired
glad to answer any questions you guys have
cheers smokeyh2
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Hey Guys,

I'm probably the youngest of this bunch( 18 ). However, I own 3 bikes and all of them are "vintage" by bikeaholics definition :) I've got a 1970 Honda SL350 I just finished restoring and I purchased just recently, a 1975 Honda XL 100 and 1985 Kawasaki ZX900 (GPZ900 for you folks across the pond). It was a steal. The guy sold it to me for 50 bucks. It looks basically complete and has less than 5k miles on it. It has just been sitting in his shop for the last 10 years. Hopefully I wil have gone through her and cleaned her up by the end of may. I'll Try and get some pics up in a few days.

welcome to the board :wink:

nice collection of bikes-we don't care how old you are,all that matters is you ride :lol: -nice to see your saving some classics from the boneyard :wink:
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