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Hey, I'm looking for some great motorcycle routes in the southern reaches of NY Finger Lakes region to use as part of a Saturday loop ride for the PA BTK Forum Ride in August. Ideas for rides north, west, and south of Corning. We'd be coming up from Wellsboro, PA, most likely on Rt 15. Some ride ideas within 50 miles of the PA/NY border would be welcome. Anyone have any great scenic or twisty ride ideas to share? Thanks for any suggestions.

So far I've found these:

State Route 21 - New York
Canandaigua to Hornell - 55 Miles
State Route 21, New York

County Route 223 - New York
Swartwood to Erin - 5 Miles
County Route 223, New York

County Route 119 - New York
Canisteo-River Road
Canisteo to Addison - 24 Miles
County Route 119, New York

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Mike, been many years since I have driven in that neck of the woods, but when I was stationed in MD, I would drive to NY (where my son and family were) all the time and as far as a nice view, I always loved PA 11/15.

In NY, you could pick up 417 off the NY just inside NY and head west toward the Allegany, Olean, Salamanca Area.. which will take you right to the Allegany State Park.
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