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FYI: This is not a paid advertisement and I am in no way affiliated with this company.

------skip to the lines if you don't want the background story-----------------------------

A few months back a severe tragedy struck our household whenever my daughter was playing with her dolls who were practicing yoga and she found out that the joints in the knees on her Monster High Dolls had a limitation on the amount of movement they could do!(if you don't have or never have had a seven year old daughter then you don't understand the severity of this tragedy)

Anyway, being a dad looking at his little princess balling her eyes out and thinking that her doll was forever ruined and the great God of all dolls was going to strike her dead for her abuse on these inanimate objects, I did what any dad would do to cheer her up and went out to find a solution.

I'd seen a couple of weeks earlier at my local HD store a product called "Bondic" that was on sale. It claimed to "weld plastic". It was on sale so I thought "I should buy some of that just to have on hand", but me being the tightwad I am and hating to spend money, I left it on the shelf thinking it wouldn't work and I'd never need it.

Well, of course now I have a doll that's been dismembered and a little girl with a broken heart so I had to rush out and buy some.

My luck being what it is it was no longer on sale.

I forget what I paid for it but it was a little cheaper than buying a new doll, so I did it.

The product is a little pen like device that oozes a liquid from one end and has an ultraviolet light on the other end that activates the liquid and causes it to harden and set.

I brought it home and laid the doll down on the operating table and accessed the damage. Unfortunately for the doll the tendons and ligaments were torn too badly to reattach the leg and allow for full use of the knee. I relayed this information to the patient's guardian and told her the only solution would be to bond the lower portion of the leg to the upper portion of the leg bypassing the knee cap. She agreed that this ws likely the only way the doll would ever walk again and approved the surgery.

After removing the remaining ligaments(plastic pieces) and roughing up both sides I applied the oze to the joint and started the ultraviolet surgery.

The entire time I thought to myself, "I have my doubts this will hold and I'll be out my money and still have an upset daughter!"

I was wrong. The product actually bonded the two pieces together much better than I thought it would! I explained to her that this doll would have to be exempted from any further yoga classes. She agreed.

Ever since this stuff has been sitting in a drawer doing nothing.


The other day while installing a mirror on my 1975 Kawasaki G3SS-E I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and broke the high/low switch from the control box. Some four letter words were screamed and I used a screwdriver to set it to high and forgot about it until I could get the money and find/buy a new one.That was until last night when I got caught in a torrential downpour and couldn't see anything when cars were passing me.

This morning I remembered the Bondic Stik that was in my drawer and began disassembling the control box.

I got it all apart and had very little faith in this working due to the thinnest of the clear plastic piece that the switch button holds on to.

I pulled it and cleaned it, added less than a tear drop of the oze to the pieces, and activated that super powerful ultraviolet light(sarcasm)!

Seconds later it was set and I gave the piece a few twists to make sure it was holding well and it was.

Put it all back together and operated the switch over one-hundred times just to be sure it's not going to break while on the road.

All is well, the switch seems to be good as new!

Just thought I'd share this because we all know how much motorcycle parts can cost, if and when we can find the part, and how long it sometimes takes for them to be delivered.

I'm sure there's hundreds of other things it could be used for on a motorcycle, as long as it's not a part that's under lots of stress and tension.

Hope this helps someone else out!




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So the plastic part didn't actually break, but the thumb switch button just came off? correct?

I've used Permatex liquid metal for stuff like this. Before getting a good ratcheting crimper, I did a couple of ring terminal repairs & sealed the connections with the stuff. Those connections are still good & strong after several years. I also sealed a seeping leak on a fuel level switch --- the liquid metal is apparently fuel proof as that has held up as well. It's some sort of 1-part epoxy. Anyway, thanks for the report.


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No. The clear tab that the set screw goes in to for the knob/button snapped completely off whenever I hit it with a wrench. I "welded" it back together using the Bondic.
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